About Our Founder

Meet Dr. Mathew Jensen

Hello, my name is Dr. Mathew Jensen from Surprise, Arizona. I am a pediatric dentist and founder of Dental Outreach Relief Foundation.

As a pediatric dentist, it has been my honor to serve children’s dental needs since 2006. It has been extremely rewarding to provide care for children and strive to bridge the gap from scared, nervous children to kids who love going to the dentist. I have truly been blessed to be a part of this corner of healthcare. However, not all my experiences have been happy ones. In my journey as a provider, I have seen severe dental disease in children as young as nine months old. I have seen severe dental neglect and serious, life-threatening dental infections. Luckily, in most cases, we live in a country where these difficulties can be addressed and much-needed access to care and other supportive services are available.

My career path has also led me to consider other areas of our globe where there are children and adults who do not have the luxury of quality care or even access to care of any kind. In dental school, I participated in my first dental mission trip to Jamaica. It was rewarding to see much-needed care given to those in remote areas who needed it most. For the past 5 years, I have been taking staff members to Mexico to participate in humanitarian dental work in an underserved area, providing much-needed care.

These experiences have led me to form a non-profit organization that will continue to serve the needs of individuals in other remote areas of the world who need it the most. Dental Outreach Relief Foundation is young in its existence, but our ambitious goal is to take much-needed crucial dental care around the world and to become one of the leading causes for global emergency dental care.