We Change Lives, One Smile at a Time.

Our core mission is to provide emergency dental care and prevention education to remote areas across the globe where access to these services is difficult.

Welcome to Dental Outreach Relief Foundation

Our Story

During his 3rd year of dental school, Dr. Mathew Jensen was able to travel to and participate in a dental medical mission on the island of Jamaica. On this outreach mission, the group traveled to the mountains to the most remote areas in Jamaica. They were able to provide emergency dental care to those in pain and to those who simply did not have access to care. Dr. Jensen was able to spend time in the schools providing prevention education, new toothbrushes and sealants to children who did not have access to them.

This is where Dr. Jensen’s passion to serve and give back began. After opening and operating a private practice in Utah and Arizona, Dr. Jensen began traveling to Mexico a few times each year to provide much needed dental care to children in rural areas of Baja, Mexico. While serving here, he realized there was much more he could do, and the Dental Outreach Relief Foundation was born.

Healthy Smiles are our focus

Dental Outreach Relief Foundation provides free dental care to those who need it most. We are committed to providing the care that is needed to those who may have trouble accessing reliable dental services.

Everyone deserves the dignity of having their dental care needs met, and we are dedicated to serving those who need it most.

Past Experiences


Being able to serve the community in Mexico is a life-changing experience. Watching families wait for long periods for the opportunity to be seen, the gratitude from the parents when you’re able to stop their child’s pain, and the excitement of the children when they are pain free and receiving a prize or a new toothbrush kit! The experience is truly satisfying and very humbling.



Volunteering in Mexico has been a highlight in my career. It’s so easy to take dental care and the modern conveniences that we have here in the US for granted. But when you take these services to those that are underserved, those that really need it, you get to experience excitement and enthusiasm that you can’t feel any other way. I cannot recommend participating in a volunteer mission trip enough! If you are even considering volunteering, Just do it! You will never regret it!



Volunteering in Mexico was an amazing experience! The people that received the dental care were so grateful, and it left a memorable impression on me. I can’t wait to go back and do it again!


Volunteer Stories